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Dr. Marc Anders


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "As a world class Olympic medalist I can personally attest to Dr. Anders chiropractic and ART abilities as playing a key role in helping me reach my olymic success in last years 2012 London Games. When I come into the office with multiple problems all at once his office and skillset provides an overall corrective healing solution. He has always gone above and beyond to accommodate any of my request or concers and works extraordinarily hard to insure that I leave feeling better than I came and increasing improvent of that one vist at a time. I'm very lucky to have Dr. Anders on my team."
    Deedee T.
  • "Amazing experience today at Ander's Chiropractic, I scheduled an appointment for my 13 year old daughter and runner to receive her first adjustment after training hard for 4 months and complaining of calf pain. Dr. Anders had a great bed side manner and make her feel comfortable immediately! He performed ART (Active Release Technique) relieving pain in calves. She also received an adjustment where he identified pain in her hip that every she was unaware of...after we left my daughter told me she had never felt better! If you have a young athlete I highly recommend you visit Dr. Anders he's the best!!! We will be seeking proactive consistent treatment to keep our young runner healthy and performing at her max. The office is also beautiful and the staff is super friendly!"
    Debbie Poole
  • "Had ton of lower back pain due to sitting at work all the time. Just two sessions and I was already feeling great. Pain is almost non-existent. He takes his time to explain what your body is going through and gives you great tips on how to relieve pain and prevent it from coming back."
    Ricardo Velez
  • "Never had a better experience anywhere else. Dr. Anders truly cares about his patients and is always so friendly. I went in with terrible back pain, he assessed the problem, and started adjustments as need within a few visits i was feeling amazing! He gave me exercises to do to help minimize the pain. Absolutely amazing!"
    Kayla Walker
  • "I refuse to see anyone else when it comes to my back. Dr Anders takes the time to ask about your day and actually remembers what you say. He is by far the most knowledgeable Chiropractor I have worked with. My family and I have been seen by him for over 5 years. He will give you the the best treatment that works for you and will help you through it all.

    I can not express how grateful I am to him! I was living and working in Tampa when I began to have back issues. The pain continued to get worse, till I could no longer walk. My mother brought me to Dr Anders and after the first Adjustment I could stand strait. The next, there was no pain down my legs. By the third I was walking with no pain at all. He has been amazing in helping through all the tears and pain."
    Eliza Kay
  • "I love this place! I've been going to Dr. Anders for over 7 years now and my life has been better for it. There's never a long wait to see the doctor and he always makes sure that the real problem is fixed, no matter how long it takes. I appreciate the many treatments he offers like massage, infrared sauna, and electrical stimulation with heat. He uses these additional treatments to make the chiropractic adjustment work better. He's certified in Active Release Technology, which is a very effective treatment for chronic pain. He used that to cure the tendinitis in my knee, which I had suffered with for 15 years. I would recommend Dr. Anders to anyone!"
    Sunshine Woodyard
  • "This is the best experience I have had with a chiropractor. When I told him I am a powerlifter, he took that into account and focused on mobility for my hips and low back. Recently I did something nasty to my hip and back, and he adjusted me so well I felt better squatting than I had in months. I would recommend him to anyone."
    C Brown

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